Motor Vehicles

If your vehicle was sold, stolen,  junked, or if you moved to a different taxing authority you will still be assessed for the value until you visit the Assessor’s office to have it deleted from our records. Please note that any changes to the Grand List must go to the Assessor, not the Tax Collector. The Assessor can make adjustments going back 3 years or less. 


The Assessment of Motor Vehicles:

The basis of the motor vehicle assessments used by the Town of Andover is the pricing procedure recommended by the Office of Policy and Management.  Section 12-71d, (included at the bottom of this page) in the State of Connecticut General Statues, states that vehicles are to be assessed according to average retail value.  The values are based on the average retail value published in National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) pricing guides.  We do not assess according to actual condition, mileage, nor market value of the vehicle.

In order  to delete or adjust a bill, sufficient proof must be given to the Assessors office so that they may satisfy the requirements of local and state auditors.  All forms of proof must specifically identify the vehicle in question by YEAR, MAKE, MODEL and Identification (VIN) number.

It is Mandatory that you provide a copy of the RETURNED PLATE RECEIPT from the Department of Motor Vehicles for each set of plates returned.  In addition to the cancelled plate receipt you must also provide at least one of the following:

  • A Bill of Sale showing the date of transfer
  • A receipt from a junk or car dealership showing the date of the transfer.
  • A copy of the original validated registration to whom you sold the vehicle to.
  • If you have moved, a copy of your original validated registration from the state you now reside in.
  • If your car was stolen, a copy of the larceny report stating the car was stolen and never recovered.
  • If you transferred the plates to a newer vehicle, you do not have to hand anything in to us.  A credit will be given and everything will work itself out.

Deadlines for Filing for Credit:

Sec 12-71d. SCHEDULE OF MOTOR VEHICLE VALUES: On or before the first day of October each year, the Secretary of the Office of Policy Management shall recommend a schedule of motor vehicle values which shall be used by assessors in each municipality in determining the assessed value of motor vehicles for purposes of property taxation. For every vehicle not listed in the schedule the determination of the assessed value of any motor vehicle for purposes of the property tax assessment list in any municipality shall continue to be the responsibility of the assessor in such municipality, provided the legislative body of the municipality may, by resolution, approve any change in the assessor’s method of valuing motor vehicles. Any appeal from the findings of assessors concerning motor vehicles values shall be made in accordance with provisions related to such appeals under this chapter. Such schedule of values shall include, to the extent the information for such purpose is available, the value of assessment purposes of any motor vehicle currently in use. The value of each motor vehicle as listed shall represent one hundred per cent of the average retail price applicable to such motor vehicle in this state as of the first day of October in such year as determined by said secretary in cooperation with the Connecticut Association of Assessing Officers.