Justice of the Peace

The following are the names of Justices of the Peace in the Town of Andover currently qualified.

  • Elaine Buchardt
  • Margaret H. Busch
  • Georgette M. Conrad
  • Michael Donnelly
  • Joan V. Foran
  • George Kitchin
  • Carol H. Lee
  • Katherine Marcia
  • Jay K. Linddy
  • Dawn D. Quint
  • Robert C. Russell
  • Erich Siismets
  • Kristina M. Wilsey
  • Richard G. Swartwout Jr.
  • Suzanne Langlois
  • Leo Lachut

Please contact the Website Administrator if you are a qualified Justice of the Peace in Andover and you would like to have your name added to this list.