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Andover Lake is a man-made lake created in 1927. The lake is privately owned, but welcomes new members from the Town of Andover as well as other nearby towns to enjoy swimming, boating and other recreational activities. Prospective new members may click here for more information.

Andover Lake is operated by two non-profit organizations, which are ALMA (Andover Lake Management Association) and ALPOA (Andover Lake Property Owners Association). ALMA owns and manages the 159 acre property. ALPOA coordinates the social activities of the lake including membership, swimming, boating, beach parties, etc. Both ALPOA and ALMA are staffed by lake members who volunteer their time.

ALPOA members and their guests may enjoy swimming, boating and fishing. For fishing regulations, anglers should refer to the Statutes of the State of Connecticut. A fishing license is required and may be obtained at the Town Clerks Office at the Andover Town Hall.

ALPOA Board Mission Statement:
The Board of Directors of the Andover Lake Property Owners Association (ALPOA) is dedicated to the social welfare and common good of the community of Andover, Connecticut and strives to protect common interests in the vicinity of Andover Lake. In cooperation with ALMA, the Board of ALPOA contributes to the dam maintenance, monitors water quality, organizes activities for its members and advocates for Andover Lake related matters.

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July 29, 2020: A Determined Minister’s Swim for Justice

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