Thank You for Senior Van Wash!

The senior transportation is thankful for the volunteers who worked in the hot sun on Sunday to wash the outside of the buses so they would be clean and ready for the first shopping trip on July 28th.As everyone knows our buses have not been running since March and we are anxious to get back on the road serving our seniors with medicals, lunches and shopping. Hopefully, we will be able to restart our movies, Young At Heart meetings and exercise programs in September. This all depends on how we do as a town with the COVID.

senior van wash

A very heart felt thank you to Trooper Darrell Tetreault who on his day off arrived bright and early at the OFH and drove the buses over to the Fire station-one at a time-to wash the outside of them. This type of service is far more then anyone in Andover could expect from our Resident State Trooper, Darrell. But this IS the type of service he is giving to Andover. This time it was to help the seniors but he has gone far above and beyond helping others in Andover and always on his free time. Never does Darrell take away from the actual job he works and is paid for. Trooper Darrell is to be admired and respected for his amazing work he performs for Andover residents.

To our extraordinary Firemen, Chief Ron Mike, Lt. Dave Gostanian, Grace Gostanian, and Kim Hawes you are so very much appreciated for stepping up to the plate in helping Dareell wash the buses. Darrell told me he was thankful that he could use the back of the Fire Station to wash buses but never did he expect others to come by on this hot day to help him. The Fire Department has a willingness to help others and is greatly appreciated by the Palazzi family and so many other people in town. Without your caring of the public our Fire Department would be meaningless to all. Andover is a great town to live in.

God Bless all of you.

Cathy Palazzi