COVID-19 & the Library

(effective June 22, 2020)

Hours:  Monday & Wednesday, 10AM-6PM and Tuesday & Thursday, noon-7PM.

Dedicated hours for Seniors and/or those who are medically compromised: 
Monday & Wednesday, 10AM-noon and Tuesday & Thursday, noon-2PM.

During Family Hours, children with their parents will be allowed downstairs on Tuesday & Thursday, 3-5PM.

Until further notice, please be sure to follow ALL of these library policies when visiting us:  

  • ALL patrons MUST wear face masks to enter library.
  • Maintain social distancing standards (6 feet apart) at all times.
  • No more than 5 patrons allowed inside the building at the same time.  (To determine if room is available, please call the Library when you reach the parking lot – 860-742-7428).
  • Upstairs access only (except during Family Hours).
  • Hand sanitizer use (provided) is required upon library entry.
  • Bathroom is CLOSED to the public.
  • Copier & printer service will be offered, but will not be self-service.
  • There is one computer for public use; WiFi is also available for parking lot usage.
  • Return all materials to the outdoor book drop before entering the library.  The outdoor drop is adjacent to handicapped parking area.  If you want to renew an item, tell us. 
  • Curbside (back door) library service will continue.

Please be aware that these policies may change as time progresses, and operating hours may be added/subtracted from our schedule.  Keep checking this link for the latest information.