Roadwork Notice to the Public

Roadwork Notice to the Public:

Lake Road will be closed at Lakeview Dr from 8 am to 3 pm to repave where drainage work occurred


The following roads will be chip sealed starting  the week of  9/5.
  Chip sealing is a process where a layer of liquid asphalt emulsion is sprayed on the road and then a layer of 3/8” stone is applied over the top of it and then rolled and compacted onto the surface with large rollers.  It replaces the wearing layer of the road and preserves what is underneath it. 

Roads affected include:
Wheeling Rd, Pine Ridge Dr, Dogwood Dr, Woodfern Rd, Shadblow ln, Hutchinson Rd, Old Coventry Rd, Times Farm Rd, and the front Soccer field parking lot more formally known as Veterans Memorial Field.  

There will be short duration lane closures of these roads while the chipseal is being applied.  Every effort to accommodate residents of those streets will be made.  Expect some delays between 7 am and 4 pm while they are chip sealing the street.  

After the chipseal is applied, the roads will have 15 mph speed limits for several weeks until the excess stone is swept up, after that, the normal speed limits apply.  


Freshly chip sealed roads are somewhat dusty, and the faster you drive, the more dust is created. Traveling at 15 mph reduces the dust dramatically and your neighbors will appreciate it.  All of the roads that are chip sealed are residential roads and the longest section of chipseal is about 1 mile.  Reducing your speed from 25 to 15 miles will increase your travel time to cover a mile by about 1 ½ minutes. Please be courteous of your neighbors. 

If you have questions or concerns,
Email the public works supervisor at public or call 860 742 7305 X 4048 and speak  with Jay Tuttle