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Pay your taxes online: Our bank will waive fees for ACH, Debit Cards and Credit Cards until 4/1.  If you have any questions regarding your taxes, please call the Tax Collector at 860-742-4035 extension 212 or email If you pay your taxes by check, please mail your payment to: Town of Andover Tax Collector, 17 School Road, Andover, CT  06232.


Town of Andover Tax Collector’s Legal Notice



To the taxpayers of the Town of Andover – the fourth installment of the taxes listed on the October 1, 2018 Grand List becomes due and payable to the Town of Andover on April 1, 2020. Payments must be postmarked, paid on line, or brought to our office by May 1, 2020 to avoid an interest charge.  Interest will be charged starting May 2, 2020 on all delinquent bills at a rate of 18% per year (1½% per month) from the due date of January 1st, with a minimum charge of $2 for each bill.  All Tax bills under $3 have been waived.

Online credit card payments may be made at Cash, check or money order payments are accepted at the counter during business hours.  Payments by check or money order may be mailed to the Tax Collector’s office or placed in the drop box outside Tax Collector’s office. Office hours are Monday 8:15 pm – 7:00 pm and Tuesday– Thursday 8:15 am – 4:00 pm.  The office is closed Fridays.

Failure to receive a tax bill will not invalidate the tax or any interest which may, by State law, accrue.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 860-742-4035, option 4.

Eileen Curtin, Tax Collector

Town of Andover

17 School Road

Andover, CT  06232



Where do I send the check?
Please make all checks payable to Town of Andover; Mail payments to Office of the Tax Collector, 17 School Rd, Andover CT 06232.  Check payments may also be made via the drop box at the Tax Collector’s office.

How do I pay ONLINE?

How do I get my motor vehicle off my tax bill?
Click here for information on motor vehicles.

Why is my property on a TAX SALE list?

If you have been notified by certified mail that your delinquent RE, PP, and MV tax bills are now being collected by the offices of Pullman & Comely, you have been placed on a Tax Sale list by the Tax Collector due to the length of time of the delinquency. If you are behind 2 years, or on a payment plan and in default, or have already been placed on this list previously, your property has been scheduled to be sold at Public Auction to satisfy your debt. There are many circumstances that occur to cause an owner to be unable to pay all that is owed, but if a payment plan has been established and you are consistent in making payments every week or every month without fail, a longer period of time may be acceptable. This is NOT a long term solution; it simply is to get people through a tough time. If you have received such correspondence, you may contact Attorney Adam Cohen at the number on the letterhead.

If a bank holds a mortgage on your property, they will be notified through certified mail and may choose to pay the taxes owed on your behalf. If this occurs, they will add it to your mortgage payment soon afterwards.



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