Burning Official

Ed Kasacek (860-742-4048) is the Burning Official representing the Town of Andover. His office is located at the Town Garage on Long Hill Road.

You must contact Ed Kasacek at 860-742-4048 and obtain a permit prior to burning at your home

Open Burning Considerations:
Prior to conducting an open burn, an individual must possess a valid Open Burning Permit issued by the municipal Open Burning Official and must comply with all permit requirements and conditions.

Click here to see the permit that will need to be signed by Ed Kasacek
Residential Burning Permit

There are two conditions that a valid Open Burning Permit Holder must verify in order to determine if they can or cannot conduct a burn -the State’s Forest Fire Danger Level, and the State’s Predicted Daily Air Quality Index (AQI) Maximums.

OPEN BURNING IS PROHIBITED if either of the following conditions is reported for the day of the proposed burn:

  1.  The State’s Forest Fire Danger is High, Very High, or Extreme or
  2.  The AQI is predicted to be 75 or higher anywhere in the State as indicated in the DEEP Table entitled Predicted Daily Air Quality Index Maximums

To obtain the State’s Predicted Air Quality Index Maximums and the State’s Forest Fire Danger Level:

State’s Predicted Daily Air Quality Index (AQI) Maximums: www.ct.gov/deep/aqi

State’s Forest Fire Danger Level www.ct.gov/deep/forestfiredanger