Olde Andover Burying Ground Committee

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The Olde Andover Burying Ground Committee was formed on October 15, 2015 in the Town of Andover, CT and was adopted as a committee of the Town of Andover, CT by its Board of Selectmen on November 4, 2015.

This committee is comprised of five voting members approved by the Board of Selectmen with two alternatives, for a two year term starting December 2, 2015 and, in the future, every two years starting July 1, 2016.



The Olde Andover Burying Ground Committee Members

Mike Kurdzo                                             Chairman/Building Maintenance

Robert Post                                                Vice Chairman/Building Maintenance

Maria Tulman                                           Treasurer 

Cathy Palazzi                                             Secretary

Steve Fish                                                   Building Maintenance                                          

 Jeff Ballard (Alternate)                       Building Maintenance

Our Maintenance, Clearing of Debri and Straightening of Stones Committee

Steve Fish                                                                                                                 

Mike Kurdzo

Bob Post                    

Jeff Ballard                                                    Alternate Member


Member Name
Michael Kurdzo
Steve Fish
Cathy Palazzi
Maria Tulman
Bob Post
Term Ends
6/30/19 Vice Chair
6/30/19 Member
6/30/19 Secretary
6/30/19 Treasurer
6/30/19 Member
 Jeff Ballard                                      6/30/19 Alternate