Long Term Planning Committee

Town of Andover

Long Term Planning Committee


Our vision for the future of the town of Andover is to live in a sustainable, positive and welcoming community.

Rooted in tradition, we will maintain our strong sense of historical and rural character by fostering a sense of place and pride. We will promote a safe, healthy and active lifestyle for all ages through accessibility, amenities and beautification of buildings, grounds, parks & trails. Our home will support educational, social and recreational connectivity and excellence. We will encourage a greater quality of life, bring a more diverse demographic and preserve the integrity of our small town heritage. We will attract businesses which align with our town’s values and encourage environmental responsibility in order to best serve our residents and visitors.

Our integrity will continue with strong communication, trust and respect among our citizens. Implementation of our vision will involve residents, officials, employees and state agencies. Our planning will maximize existing town assets while proposing cost-effective enhancements.

We are committed to providing positive opportunities for our town!


Eric Anderson, Chairman


Ed Sarisley, Vice Chairman

Amanda daCunha, Secretary

Wendy Kopp, Member

Ken Marcia, Member

Elaine Buchardt, Member

Cathleen Desrosiers, Member

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