Economic Development Commission

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Mission Statement:
The Andover Economic Development Commission’s mission is to focus on bringing new business into town for the purpose of increasing town revenue to reduce or maintain tax levels as well as retain current businesses. We need to create a business friendly environment. We would also like to preserve the history of Andover where we can.

We are:

  • Working to retain and assist existing businesses;
  • Working to attract new low-impact business development to Andover that will increase tax revenues, and provide desirable goods, services and employment opportunities.

Our goal is to develop the business community while preserving Andover’s quality of life.


EDC Business Directory 2019

Interested in growing your business? Call Elaine Buchardt: 860-202-4619

Want to update the Business Directory? Call Cathy Palazzi at 860-916-6122.

Or send e-mail to:


Five Members appointed by the Board of Selectmen, who shall serve two year terms.

Member Name                                                Term Ends

Elaine Buchardt  Chair                                  6/30/19

Patrick Ira Dougherty                                    6/30/19

Catherine Palazzi                                            6/30/19