Andover Rural Design (ARD)

Proposed changes in the Andover zoning regulations. If enacted these changes will go into effect Jan 1 2018.

Chapter2, rename the R 40 and R80 zoning districts to Andover Rural Design District ARD

Chapter 4 rename district names and change requirements for rear lots

Chapter 5 replace existing chapter 5 with a new Chapter 5 and a new residential Zone. This zone will replace the existing R40 and R80 zones with a R 60 Zone that is a lot more flexible and allows Open Space/ Cluster development.

Chapter 6 Deleted entirely

Chapter 11 Change minimum floor areas for single family dwelling and change 11.2 space requirements

Chapter 24.3 Add a definition of the term Lot coverage- this was previously undefined

Proposed changes to the Andover Subdivision Regulations:

Chapter 7 section 3. 3 is deleted. This removes the requirement for a rectangular 30000 square foot “buildable square”

Chapter 7 section 11.2 Allows requirement for 40% open space in a cluster subdivision

These changes were recommended by the Plan of Conservation and Development. In total they change the residential zoning in Andover to allow for better use of land and preserve open space.