Taxes are Past Due

Attention: Your 2015GL 1st installment on Real Estate and Personal Property, as well as your full Motor Vehicle tax is now delinquent. There has been a 3% late fee already placed on the base amount of each bill and an additional 1 ½% will be added on the 1st day of each month hereafter. You can still pay online as those figures are updated daily. You will need to notify the Tax office if you wish to be deleted from the DMV delinquent list after you pay online. It is not automatic. The DMV no longer accepts paper releases in order to register or re-register your motor vehicle. This office needs to notify them by accessing their website and deleting this exception manually.

If you have any questions on taxes please call 860-742-4035 Ext. 4. If your question concerns values, please call the Assessor’s Office at Ext. 5.