Planning and Zoning RFP


Revision of Zoning Regulations and Planning Services for the Town of Andover, CT

The Town of Andover through its Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) is seeking responses to this requests for proposals (RFP) from qualified, experienced consultants who have successfully completed similar zoning regulation revisions and planning work at the municipal level. Expertise in Connecticut land-use law required.

The current zoning regulations are in need of multiple revisions to be brought up to date. The PZC has recently updated its POCD and has identified inconsistencies and sections where more clarity is needed or reorganization can improve clarity. This project will allow the revision, reorganization, an update of the current regulations to provide an up-to-date, user-friendly, comprehensive set of regulations. While a variety of innovative zoning techniques have been discussed in the POCD the basis of the overall focus should be on creating an up to date set of regulations which will help create a desirable, sustainable and economically viable rural community. The consultant will be expected to make presentations to the public and the Commission on the final draft regulations.


  1. Update the zoning maps to reflect the New POCD, with feasibility on rezoning all R-40 to R-80 and adopt an open space zoning regulation that allows clustered housing.
  2. Adopt mixed use zoning for the Business and Industrial zone. Assist the Commission to implement the recommendations from the Rt. 6 Corridor study, POCD and IHZ Study.  Develop and adopt a set of design standards for the zones
  3. Work with the current IHZ study report to explore ways of allowing housing options other than single family residential.

The RFP shall include:

-Experience with the type of project and services specified in this RFP

-Proven capacity to deliver the project, products and requirements on time and on budget;

-Planning and Zoning Commission’s understanding of how well the RFP demonstrates the    consultant’s knowledge and understanding of the Andover community and the task at hand.

– An hourly rate

The Town has allocated an amount not to exceed $12,000 in total for this work.

Consultants interested in submitting an RFP should submit the RFP to:

Andover Landuse Department

17 School Road, Andover CT 06232

The Planning and Zoning Commission reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. This Request for Proposals does not constitute an agreement or a contract of any sort. Open until July 31, 2016